Treatment Options For The Pain Of Sciatica

Sciatica pain comes from the sciatic nerve which travels down the lower spine, through the pelvic and buttock region, and then into the back of the legs before branching out at the knees. Sciatica is a type of umbrella term that refers to all types of pain that originate from the sciatic nerve. Although the degree and type of pain differ dramatically from one person to the next, numbness and tingling are shared by a large number of people who experience it. For those that experience sciatic pain in its most severe form, pain management doctors may offer the only hope of relief.

7 Daily Habits That will Make you Healthier

Rituals are important if you are looking to maintain a daily routine that is harmonious and one that will create positivity and resilience in successfully navigating your life. In this article, we will have a look at some seven rituals that you can easily incorporate into your life to create balance and enhance your health. You will find them to be practical and very simple requiring very little additional time or skill.

Natural Tooth Whitening Products

In South Africa, inhabitants would clean their teeth with salt to remove plaque and whiten the tooth surface. However, salt may be abrasive and damage to outer tooth enamel surface. Whether using natural or professional teeth whitening substances, care should be taken to prevent oral trauma to teeth and gums.

Benefits of Waterless Toothbrushes

Traditional toothbrushes that require water and toothpaste must now make room for the new kids on the block. The new kids in this particular instance are waterless toothbrushes, which are gaining more notoriety because they offer consumers a more environmentally friendly toothbrush